Audrey Augustave



Repairing high conflict couples and dissolving co-parenting discord

Therapeutic solutions for couples and
co-parents in conflict.

Go from conflict to compromise.

Working with licensed clinician Audrey Augustave, LPC, LCDAC, NCC, couples & coparents learn communication skills that validate each others’ experience, thereby decreasing their resentment towards one another. They develop a system of compromise that will increase their ability to make joint decisions leading to increased mutual respect and admiration within the partnership.

Couples and co-parents gain insight on how their families of origin impact their approach towards relationships/parenting, which affords them the opportunity to take responsibility for their projections and fears. Finally, couples acquire education supported by decades of research regarding what tensions are to be expected even in successful couples, shaping their expectations on their own relationship.

Specializing in:


To help families heal and generations keep from passing on trauma.

“Learning. Living. Loving”